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Trainingym is a software designed for health clubs and gyms focused on offering effective solutions that significantly improve productivity and customer experience. In 2015, Trainingym began our international expansion and now we serve more than 1200 clubs in 18 countries.

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The Trainingym Methodology

Trainingym offers you a loyalty protocol with an induction process that can adapt to your resources. Members will meet their goals and increase their membership duration by 30%. In addition, you will boost staff productivity.

  • Initial Interview

    Conduct an initial interview with members and get to know their goal, history, motivations and preferences

  • Body Analysis

    Perform a body composition weigh-in with a bioimpedance scale. Offer this periodically to your members so they can know their evolution and increase their loyalty.

  • Workout Plan

    The digital age is now. Offer your members a personalized and cross-platform workout plan: app, kiosks and pdf. Mark their calendar for their next session, and renew their workout plan.

  • Group Activities

    We know that group activities are the star service for many of your members. Recommend those that suit their goal and make it easy to reserve a class through the online booking in the app, kiosk or web.

  • Follow Up

    Measure the evolution and expectations of your client by monitoring their body composition.

  • Engage

    Encourage interactions between the staff and members to increase the bond and loyalty. Send personalized communications to your members and receive feedback through quality rating surveys to ensure consistency in your services.

La metodología
que necesitas para perfeccionar tu gimnasio.

More than 1200 gyms around the world enjoy the benefits that Trainingym offers

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