The solution to reopen your gym
safely and successfully

*Free for Trainingym clients.

The guarantee your members and gym need

Offer a safe service and experience with the reservation of activities and areas in your gym. Your members will reserve their spot before going to the gym and your gym will be able to control traffic to your club. Avoiding the need to turn people away.

Easy-to-use for your members.

Members will be able to check the schedule and availability from home and book the desired activity or free-use area (fitness room, pool, etc.) from the app.

Minimize no-shows.

At the moment of booking an activity or area of the club, the member is able to set a reminder directly on their smartphone. One hour before the class the member will get the alert. This helps to reduce the number of no-shows and better utilize space.

Control capacity limits for your gym and each area within.

Guarantee that the recommended distances between your members are safely met through a capacity control by areas (fitness room, group classes, swimming pools, etc.) by validating access with a QR code or proximity tablet. Your team will always have the information and control at hand to ensure that the gym is complying with the established measures at all times.

Manage your capacity flow through the dashboard.

You will be able to check in real-time who is entering the gym and the average time spent inside the gym. You will have a search engine to look up members and directly access their profile to review their fitness information.

Get attendance data.

When a member leaves the gym, they will scan their QR code or use the proximity tablet so that you can obtain quantitative data about who is in the gym. As opposed to only capturing entry data, this will let you know the exact head count within your club.

Review qualitative information.

Your members will receive a satisfaction survey so you know what the quality of your services is: which activities are working best and which monitor they like the best.

Coordinate your team and your schedule.

You can manage your team easily and efficiently by organizing activity schedules and assigning sessions to each instructor on your team.

Get started in just 6 easy steps!

We use a proven methodology and technology that will allow you offer a secure entry to your gym.

Our team will help guide you through implementation.

1. Determine the different areas of your gym.

2. Set the duration of each service.

3. Configure your reservation rules in TG Manager.

4. Create a plan with our personalized consultation.

5. Establish your service settings.

6. Communicate the new protocol with your clients.

* Free for Trainingym clients.

Increasing your gym income has never been easier

Discover the payment platform with which your sports center can monetize all its services and increase its profits.

And for those who choose to stay and workout from home... 

Keep adding value and reinforcing your emotional bond until they can return to your gym.

Trainingym HOME is free for Trainingym clients. *
From 100€/ month for clubs with <300 active members.
No permanency.

The solution you need to re-open your gym and keep your members at ease. Guarantee a safe entry to your club and to each area within your club.

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