Is your gym open or about to open?

Count on the technology and methodology that will help you attract members, increase profits, build member loyalty, and above all, offer members a safe environment.

Make your members feel safe and build a trusting relationship that will last. See here
Allow potential members to try free virtual services and enjoy a funnel of new members. See here.
Increase the average spending per member and grow your benefits thanks to personalized servicies. See here.
Allow members to feel as if they're in the safety of their own home while at your gym.

Partner with technology that will assist you in guaranteeing complete control over your gyms capacity limits as a whole, and in different areas of your gym (cardio area, weights, activities, pool…).

Give members access, via the app, to see the activity schedule and check the gyms capacity levels in real-time.

Facilitate class and area reservations to ensure safe social distancing and guarantee a satisfactory experience.

Check capacity limits of the different areas of your gym (cardio area, free-weights, activities, pool..) in real-time with each member's total time spent in that area indicated.

Analyze your business' performance through quantitative and qualitative data: satisfaction surveys results, staff management data, and activity feedback.

Keep members engaged with personalized communications and create a unique member experience. Send push notifications directly to their smartphone, emails or surveys to know their level of satisfaction in these extraordinary times.

Do it all with Trainingym.

Attracting new members has never been so easy.
Say goodbye to stoppers. Reach new members thanks to technology and the demand for online engagement.

Drive a steady flow of contacts through a sign up webpage that will help create a database of potential new members. You can get to know them better, understand their goals and of course, promote your services.

Transform potential customers to members. How? Motivate, captivate and engage them with your online gym services, free of charge, and for a limited time.

It doesn’t matter the size of your gym. Choose technology that adapts to your business with Trainingym.

Amplify member spending.

Not all of your members are ready to attend the gym. You can still continue to earn profits by offering them personalized services, no matter where they are.

Segment your members based on their membership, preferences, or goal and offer them exclusive services from the app.

Sell products and services through your app to increase average member spending.

Do it all with Trainingym.


How Trainingym's technology helped GOFit reopen.

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