workout app for gyms

Workout App

Digitized and cross-platform workout plan

Your staff can generate customized workout plans effortlessly using more than 2000 exercises in 3D for proper execution. Members will be able to validate sessions, see progress and sneak a peak at upcoming workouts.


Pump up your group activities

Online booking and management of group activities

Allow your members to book their favorite classes comfortably from the app and kiosks, as well as assess their satisfaction. Check easily and automatically the productivity and efficiency of your gym knowing which classes perform more and what is the quality of your services.


Fitness Progress Tracking

Continuous analysis of body composition

Give your members the benefit of knowing where they are in their fitness journey and help create short -term goals that keep them motivated. They will be able to check important indicators of their body composition quickly and autonomously or with the help of a staff member. This point of reflection can facilitate the cross-selling and positioning of other services.

marketing for clubs

Personalized communications

Automated, effective and meaningful marketing

Customize your communications and create a unique user experience. You can send push notifications at any time, automate the sending of emails and conduct surveys.

The methodology for
a thriving gym

More than 1200 gyms around the world enjoy the benefits that Trainingym offers

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