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COMPETE, Solving a Club Operator’s Ultimate Challenge
With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Jonas Fitness identified a club operator’s main challenge:

  • Getting access to the metrics you need to be tracking…
    Most club management platforms are difficult to use and, therefore, often less than 50 percent of the functionality and application capability is leveraged.
    Compete was created with one goal in mind: ease-of-use – so that club operators can utilize 100 percent of their technology investment.

    • Designed with a scalable technical architecture that accommodates future growth and expansion
    • Helps to minimize future software expenses and maximize your return on investment
    • Combines ease-of-use with robust back-office functionality that can provide clubs with in-depth insight into their operations.
  • Reduce Your Costs. Increase Your Revenue.
    Compete allows your front desk to operate more efficiently, reduces employee training costs and makes it easier for you to complete more tasks in a shorter period of time
    Allows you, the owner, to focus more attention on attracting and retaining members all which will ease your sales and profitability
  • Boost and Retain Your Memberships
    To increase membership and improve member satisfaction, Compete includes a ton of features that enables club staff to schedule events occurring simultaneously

We develop and maintain an extensive library of web services that allow for seamless integration with more than two dozen best-of-breed partner solutions; this freedom gives our customers the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a changing marketplace without sacrificing on a quality core software product.


  • Get Paid Faster – Our fully integrated payment engine allows you to say hello to real-time, accurate member statuses & goodbye to chasing members down for payment. 
  • Powerful Data at Your Fingertips – Build executive level reports that are simple enough for you to understand, but powerful enough for your accounting team to glean valuable business intelligence.  
  • Get Closer to Your Members – Build new membership agreements in just minutes while giving a tour of your club. The best part? Your members will be pretty impressed.
Jonas Fitness
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