Use games in your club to help strengthen loyalty, increase motivation, enhance positive experiences and improve your results.

How to captivate new members and extend memberships are some of the primary concerns of club managers. In this new eBook, we will give you several ways to address these concerns through gamification, the application of game-playing elements. It is simple to implement and without a doubt, will help your club enjoy benefits such as: more active and involved members, increased sale opportunities, and higher perceived membership value.

In this ebook, we give you recommendations on how to take advantage of both the online and offline channels when interacting with your members. By using gamification, that is, implementing game-like challenges and incentives,  you will reap a variety of benefits for your club while exponentially increasing the quality of services and member experience. Take your club to the “next level” and learn how gamification is a winning loyalty and captivation strategy.